Park Cho Rong appeared in Apink’s 10th-anniversary photo

Park Cho Rong, who denied the controversy over school violence, is drawing attention. Netizens: “When will you speak up on the school violence controversy?”

On 20th April, Apink‘s official Instagram posted several photos of Park Cho Rong along with a comment saying “We have been together with such pretty memories, the meaning itself is a gift’.

park chorong appears in apinks 10th anniversary photo netizens when will you speak up on the school violence controversy 1938968639

She was previously suspected of taking part in bullying her elementary school classmate A in 2008. Accordingly, Park Cho Rong emphasized the false accusation and sued her for defamation for spreading false facts.

Afterwards, Ms. A released her phone call transcript.

“Park Chorong: I didn’t do those things for no reason.
Ms.A: It doesn’t matter if you had a reason or not. What you did was wrong. Did I do something wrong to you? What I remember is that you slapped me across the cheek while others kicked my shin. So do you think that if you were me, this trauma wouldn’t last long? Would you just forget it?
Park Chorong: No, I don’t think I’d ever forget it.”

Afterward, Park Cho Rong’s company – PlayM Entertainment, said, “A malicious distortion”, and “Ms. A deliberately distorted only a part of the transcript. We also have full transcripts. We plan to release the transcripts if necessary.”

Source: Nate

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