Park Bom, who worried fans with her chubby appearance after gaining lots of weight, reveals a completely different visual

Singer Park Bom, a member of 2NE1, updated her status after two months.

On December 18th, Park Bom released two photos of herself on Instagram. 

A picture shows Park Bom staring straight at the camera with a face full of makeup. 

Park Bom

Park Bom’s makeup with dark eyeliner around her eyes and a bold emphasis on her eyelashes caught the eyes of fans. She also showed off her plump lips, white skin, and V-line jawline.

In the second photo, Park Bom winked to make a cute pose. Her neat and tidy white-toned house, which can be seen in the background, also impressed netizens.

Park Bom

Last year, Park Bom made headlines after revealing that she lost 11kg from 70kg to 59kg. 

However, in October, the female singer showed her appearance after gaining much weight with chubby cheeks on Instagram, raising fans’ concern.

park bom

While fans cheered enthusiastically when Park Bom, who had not disclosed her status for two months, unveiled new selfies, netizens reacted, “I can’t tell who she is”, “I think she lost weight again”, etc. 

Source: Insight

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