Lee Dong-wook, Lee Soo-hyun’s sweet chemistry exploded in ‘The Sea Of Hope’… Like honey dripping into eyes

Actor Lee Dong-wook showed a sweet aspect when being with AKMU Lee Soo-hyun in the variety show ‘The Sea Of Hope’.

On the afternoon of the 29th, the first episode of the entertainment show ‘The Sea Of Hope’ was broadcast, revealing the scene of Lee Dong-wook and Lee Soo-hyun making makgeolli together.

That time, Lee Soo-hyun was trying to wear an apron before making makgeolli. Lee Soo-hyun didn’t know how to wear an apron and  was getting confused. Lee Dong-wook without a word helped Lee Soo-hyun put on the apron then went back to his seat. While Lee Soo-hyun was embarrassed, Lee Dong-wook just radiated his sweetness.

Lee Dong-wook and Lee Soo-hyeon moved rice to make makgeolli. When Lee Soo-hyun asked, “Isn’t it heavy?“, Lee Dong-wook said, “Isn’t this something I have to do alone? For the girl” and showed a caring side once more.

Lee Dong-wook also provoked laughter with his playful appearance. When adding raspberries to makgeolli, Lee Soo-hyun couldn’t put as much as Lee Dong-wook. When Lee Soo-hyun said, “I have two,” Lee Dong-wook said, “If you are slow, you will lose them all.” However, soon Lee Dong-wook picked up a basket of raspberries and put it in a bottle of Lee Soo-hyun’s makgeolli, returning with the caring temperament.

When it came to the step of grabbing raspberries, Lee Dong-wook asked Lee Soo-hyun, “Shall we do ‘Sse sse sse’?” and narrowed the distance with Lee Soo-hyun. 

Sources: nate

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