Park Bo Young reportedly refuses to give her contact information to a Korean comedian 

The comedian was confident of their relationship, stating that was how their relationship worked. 

On March 28th, Yoo Min Sang appeared as a special DJ on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” where he talked about a past interaction with Park Bo Young. On this day, DJ Kim Tae Gyun said, “Yoo Min Sang’s ideal type is actress Park Bo Young.”

Park Bo-young

In response, Yoo Min Sang clarified, “It’s a story I told in ‘Delicious Guys’ before,” adding, “I hope there is no misunderstanding.” The comedian elaborated, “I asked for her Kakao Talk ID (contact number) because it was a fate to meet like that at the time.” He said she could block his number and he only needed the number to brag to his friends. Nonetheless, Park Bo Young did not tell him her ID. 

However, the comedian was confident about his relationship with the actress, saying, “Park Bo Young and I are that kind of relationship. Don’t worry,” he said, giving a smile.

Yoo Min-sang

In a recent broadcast of “Delicious Guys,” comedian Kim Min yung mentioned that she was about to meet Park Bo Young and proposed that the three of them should go eat together. 

However, Yoo Min Sang responded, “I feel like I’m going to die even if I stay still (at the meeting place). To the people, I didn’t do anything, but I thought there might be an uproar like, ‘Where did Yoo Min Sang meet Park Bo-young?’” drawing laughter. 

Source: Wikitree 

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