“BLACKPINK’s sister” – Jeon Somi wants to slap anti-fans claiming she is ugly, has a fat belly, is talentless and arrogant

Somi is not an unfamiliar name to Kpop fans when she used to be the most famous trainee at JYP, almost debuted with TWICE, ITZY and also a former member of the famous girl group I.O.I.

The fact that Somi was famous when she was only 14 years old, is also biracial, made a large number of people dislike her.  However, instead of accepting the attacks, BLACKPINK’s “sister” was not afraid of the malicious comments.

Most recently, in the episode 4 of the reality show I AM SOMI produced by THE BLACK LABEL, the YG female idol had an extremely harsh response to anti fans while reading all the malicious comments under the Korean articles.  After that, she responded to each of those negative comments.

Specifically, when an anti fan attacked her with offensive words, Somi was not afraid to read the comment out loud, then put her phone close to the camera screen and publicize this person’s Naver account. She also had an action of wanting to slap the person because this person insulted her.

Not stopping there, Somi continued to read a comment claiming she is talentless and arrogant. Instead of responding, the female idol just laughed with a sarcastic expression.

Next, the female idol born in 2001 read a comment claiming she has a fat belly, an ugly face, yet always wears short skirts.  For this comment, Somi bluntly said that the criticism was too childish.  She asserted that she did not have a fat belly. It was because wearing a shirt and skirt made her stomach bulge.

It is known that in the upcoming episode, BLACKPINK will also appear in I AM SOMI.  The show will air on Saturday, April 25 on the Naver homepage and THE BLACK LABEL’s YouTube channel.

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