The audience burst into laughter at a staff member’s “sudden action” during Ailee’s performance

The action of a staff member at singer Ailee’s concert is drawing attention.

On Jan 29th, a video of a staff member spraying artificial snow when Ailee was singing “Let it go” at her concert was uploaded on Twitter.

The user who uploaded the post explained the situation at that time, “While Ailee was singing ‘Let it go’ at the concert, a staff member came out, so I wondered if there was a sound problem. Then the staff member sprayed artificial snow LOL.”

In the video, Ailee sang “Let it go” passionately. When she reached the chorus of the song, a staff member secretly approached her. Then, as the chorus began, the staff member sprayed artificial snow in an awkward posture behind Ailee. As it was a corner where she performed requested songs on the spot, Ailee burst into laughter at the staff member’s surprise event, but she soon showed her professional aspect by making gestures that fit the song and showing fantastic chemistry with the staff member.


The audience laughed as well as gave a big round of applause to the staff member and Ailee, who finished the stage perfectly.

Netizens commented, “The staff member’s sense is amazing”, “Both are so funny and cute”, “In the meantime, Ailee sings well”


Meanwhile, Ailee wrapped up the “2022 Ailee Nationwide Concert Tour – One More Step” with the concert held at Chungnam National University, Daejeon on Jan 29th. The nationwide tour to celebrate Ailee’s 10th debut anniversary proved her popularity by touring 9 regions for about 2 months, starting with Anyang in November last year.

Source: wikitree

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