Netizens amazed by IVE’s Gaeul’s hair-flipping talent

IVE’s Gaeul trended on Korean SNS thanks to a special skill.

IVE is undoubtedly one of the hottest rookie girl groups at the moment. Since their debut with ELEVEN, IVE’s members have continued to become trending topics on online communities. Among the members, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin are the most popular ones as they are both former members of IZ*ONE. However, this does not mean the rest of IVE are overshadowed.

Gaeul’s viral video

Recently, a video of Gaeul went viral on YouTube Korea. Netizens are fascinated by the female idol’s skillful hair flip. As a member of IVE’s dance-line, Gaeul proves the ability to maintain her balance well. No matter how hard she moves her head, she still has amazing control of her hair and expression. 

Netizens admire Gaeul’s hair flip 
Her hair is long, but no matter how hard she dances or shakes her head, it doesn’t get tangled

Attractive hair flip moments like shampoo commercials have become a trademark of Gaeul. Fans are in awe of Gaeul’s skills to adjust her untied hair on stage because it is difficult to look neat and pretty all the time when dancing. This is a small detail but plays an important role in IVE’s performance, making it more satisfying to watch. With both visual and talent, Gaeul promises to become more popular in the future if she gets promoted properly.

Gaeul attracts attention with her eye-catching hair flip moments

Korean netizens also compared Gaeul’s hair control skills with aespa’s Karina. Gaeul’s hair flip in That’s My Girls makes netizens think of Karina in Black Mamba. Not every female idol with long hair has the ability to make their hair look good in every moment on stage. Therefore, this special talent of Gaeul and Karina has received many compliments from fans.

Karina is also famous for her ability to control her hair while dancing

Some comments:

  • Gaeul is a master of hair flip
  • She reminds me of aespa’s Karina.
  • This is a small but important detail because long hair is likely to cause trouble while dancing but she controlled it effortlessly and made the performance look attractive.
  • If she can control her hair while dancing, it means she has the qualities of a main dancer.
  • Gaeul deserves more attention.
  • Gaeul is really pretty, she dances and sings well, but the company does not promote her. Please give Gaeul more chances.
  • She has good control of her neck.
Gaeul is a rookie with promising dance skills 
Other female dols who are known for their ability to do hair flip in a pretty and elegant way are Rosé (BLACKPINK)
Tzuyu (TWICE)
Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE member)

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