“I don’t understand the articles saying that Son Na Eun can’t act”…Response towards Son Na Eun’s acting changed

Actress Son Na Eun presented “anger acting”.

On the Feb 12th broadcast of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Agency“, Kang Han Na (played by Son Na Eun) exploded when Park Young Woo (Han Joon Woo) was in trouble.

Kang Han Na decided to go on a blind date with Seoksan Group’s son (Lee Dong Ha). Kang Han Na’s brother (Jo Bok Rae) knew that Kang Han Na and Park Young Woo were more than just a boss and a secretary. So he told Seoksan Group’s son about this.

Son Na-eun Agency
Son Na-eun Agency

On the day of the meeting, Seoksan Group’s son called Park Young Woo, asked him to pour wine and overpowered him. Park Young Woo stopped pouring wine when the glass was almost full, saying, “I thought it’d overflow, so I stopped.” Seoksan Group’s son got angry, “Are you the one who decides?” Kang Han Na said “Don’t go too far”, but Seoksan Group’s son shouted, “Why do you stop without my instructions?” Kang Han Na opened her eyes wide and frowned as she looked at him.

Son Na-eun Agency

Seoksan Group’s son poured wine on Park Young Woo and said, “Are you going to be the same class as us after getting MBA?”

Kang Han Na stared at Seoksan Group’s son once again, then immediately got up and poured wine on his face in the same way. At this time, she opened her eyes wide, dropped her glance and gasped for air as if she could not hold back her anger.

Son Na-eun Agency
Son Na-eun Agency

Son Na Eun had been unable to avoid controversy over her terrible acting with her somewhat awkward vocalization and expressions, but this time, a different reaction appeared. Netizens commented, “I don’t understand the articles saying that Son Na Eun can’t act”, “Am I the only one who likes Son Na Eun’s acting?”, “Son Na Eun is pretty and I think she’s good at acting”…

JTBC’s “Agency” recorded its own highest viewership rating of 12.7% (nationwide). There are only 4 episodes left until the final one.

Source: wikitree

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