Park Myung-soo told the story of how he bumped into BTS Suga at the sauna and why both of them were surprised

Park Myung-soo talked about his meeting with BTS Suga and what shocked Suga so much.

Comedian Park Myung-soo revealed the story of how he got surprised when accidentally meeting BTS Suga at a sauna. He added that Suga was also shocked to see his daughter Park Min-seo, who was waiting outside the sauna.

On December 28th, a video titled “The story of meeting Suga at a sauna” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Halmyungsoo”. Appearing in the video, Park Myung-soo first carried out the content of guessing the names of BTS members. Looking at the pictures, he easily guessed Jungkook, V and Jin’s names. However, he was hesitated and failed to get the right answer when RM’s picture came out. Since then, the comedian began to make wrong guesses of the members’ names one after another.

The story of meeting Suga at a sauna Park Myungsoo

However, when Suga’s picture appeared, Park Myung-soo immediately replied, “SUGA”, and revealed that he had recently met Suga. Park Myung-soo said, “Not long ago, a young man in blonde greeted me, ‘Hi’, at the sauna. Then he introduced, ‘I’m BTS Suga’.”

He continued, “Come to think of it, I couldn’t believe BTS would come to a place like this. So I searched for Suga’s picture on the Internet and compared it directly to his face. That was when I realized I really met a BTS member.”

He added, “What’s more interesting is that my daughter was waiting on the 1st floor. I went out of the sauna. I greeted my daughter and said, ‘This is BTS Suga’. Suddenly, my daughter became speechless.”

“Suga was shocked, too. Suga was so surprised because Minseo is 166cm tall. He thought she was a baby, but she was so tall”, he said. Park Myung-soo’s daughter, Park Min-seo was born in 2008 and is known to be majoring in dancing.

netizen comments

Netizens who watched this Youtube video commented, “Minseo is so cute”, “Minseo has already grown that much?”, “It seems like she had all the good points from her mom and dad”, “I’m so jealous because she could meet Suga”, “Maybe it was because he watched Infinite Challenge so he thought she was still young. She’s already 166cm tall.”

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