Fans are on board with the Yeji-Karina ship after these two idols showed off their friendship at MAMA backstage

The Karina-Yeji ship has recently sailed.

Recently, never-before-seen footage of MAMA backstage was released in Japanese. In this video, fans noticed that in Yeji (ITZY)‘a segment, there is suddenly a special guest, Karina (aespa).

Because the two female idols performed together for the special opening stage of MAMA, Karina took the time to stop by to chat with Yeji during the break. This “ship” rarely shows direct interaction, but once in a while, when it throws some super quality hints.

 Behind the scenes of MAMA with Yeji and Karina

When Karina approached Yeji, she happily said, “It’s me”. Yeji immediately teased her friend, at the same time turned on the lightick, cheered Karina’s name like a passionate fan, and identified herself as Mys (aespa’s fandom name).  Karina also repaid the favor as she immediately performed Yeji’s choreography in Loco, and did not forget to introduce: “This is sweet little kitty (name for the couple Yeji and Karina)”.

aespa karina itzy yeji
 Karina and Yeji’s close, happy moments behind the scenes

Previously on the dance stage of the 4th generation idols at MAMA 2021, Karina and Yeji both appeared but did not interact directly. That’s why when KBS Gayo Daechukje took place a week later, fans were surprised to see Yeji and Karina taking pictures together. Now that the above behind-the-scenes footage was released, it turns out that the two girls have been very close since MAMA.

aespa karina itzy yeji
The photos at the end of 2021 of the cute couple of friends Yeji and Karina

Karina also showed off a picture of her private messages with Yeji, the two even called each other by nicknames “kitty” and “fury” inspired by the duo in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Not only Karina and Yeji but ITZY and aespa are also very close. Although the two groups are rivals in terms of achievements and their fans also have many conflicts, but the girls have a very lovely friendship and show super sweet interaction.

aespa once took a photo to thank ITZY sunbaenim for buying drinks for the group at Dream Concert on Jun 6, 2021
aespa karina itzy yeji
 At the 2021 KBS Gayo Daechukje music festival, aespa came to give ITZY sweets and tangerines. Such adorable interaction moments between the two groups make everyone flutter because of the girls’ lovely friendship.
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