BTS Jimin, “I did my first perm hair after recovering from appendicitis and infectious disease because I want to be loved by ARMYs again”

BTS Jimin delivered updates on his health condition after recovering from Covid-19 and acute appendicitis.


Jimin, along with BTS’s leader RM and member Suga, appeared on a live broadcast on BTS’s official V LIVE channel on the afternoon of February 20th.

In celebration of the 15th day of the first lunar month (the first full moon of the Lunar New Year), 3 members of BTS held a live broadcast with the concept of breaking the nuts. Suga began the live broadcast by saying, “We turn on live because there is a holiday in Korea called the ‘the first full moon of the Lunar New Year’”. RM then said, “It was on Tuesday, February 15th”. Suga continued, “Although it was already late, we still came here to break the nuts”


They also expressed their desire to not only break the nuts but also break the Coronavirus. The three BTS members were recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and were cured with home treatments.

After developing symptoms of mild sore throat and sudden abdominal pain, Jimin headed to the emergency room and took a PCR test and detailed examinations. He was then diagnosed with Covid-19 and appendicitis on January 30th. After successfully undergoing appendicitis surgery in the early morning of January 31st, Jimin was discharged from the hospital in the early morning of February 5th. 


In response, Jimin said on a live broadcast, “I’m all recovered now. I’m also working out again,” he said. Suga, who has experienced appendicitis surgery, comforted Jimin. RM said, “Suddenly, he is talking about appendicitis next to me. Those over here have experienced appendicitis. I’m inexperienced here,” he joked.

They also talked about how they have been doing. RM asked, “What did you do during your break?” Suga said, “What did I do? I think I worked on my music,” he said. Jimin said, “I just didn’t do anything. I rested a lot, ate a lot, and took (vocal) lessons.”


Jimin explained why he challenged his first perm hair, saying, “I want to be loved by ARMYs again.” RM praised him for “rocking that hairstyle,” and Jimin replied, “Thank you.”

Suga asked, “Did it hurt a lot when you got infected with the virus?” to which Jimin replied, “It didn’t hurt, but I had a stomachache, so I took my appendix off.” Suga said, “Your case is asymptomatic, but maybe it’s because of appendicitis that you had a fever. I was taken to the hospital when I was sick with appendicitis,” he recalled in December 2013 when he had to undergo appendicitis surgery.

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