Park Bo Young hated her cute image when she first debuted?

Actress Park Bo Young recently had an interview regarding her return in the movie “Concrete Utopia”. 

Park Bo Young, who has made a comeback to the big screen after about 5 years, was interviewed at a café in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, regarding her return in the movie “Concrete Utopia”. 

“Concrete Utopia” portrays a disaster story where survivors gather in the last remaining apartments in Seoul, which has turned into ruins due to a massive earthquake. The movie is directed by Uhm Tae Hwan and features various stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young, Kim Sun Young, Park Ji Hoo, and Kim Do Yoon, among others.

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Regarding the reason for her appearance in “Concrete Utopia”, Park Bo Young mentioned, “I sat down and read the script all the way through the end”, and added that the movie was a compelling work, making her want to act in it. 

The actress also confessed that upon expressing her intention to appear in “Concrete Utopia”, a lot of people were surprised. 

“I didn’t have many opportunities to encounter heavy genre works, but I always had a desire for new genres in my heart”, she explained. 

According to Park Bo Young, there were moments when herself, not her character, got to stand out. “It was a work where I could discover an unfamiliar side that I hadn’t shown before, and it felt like breaking free from a mold as an actress”, she expressed. 

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At the same time, Park Bo Young confessed, “I have always been trapped in one image. So, I tried to fix it by being conscious of the way I spoke.”

It was also revealed that Park Bo Young hated her cute image when she first debuted, however, her perspective has changed over time. 

“There were things I could only enjoy during that time, so I wonder why I couldn’t naturally embrace them”, she admitted.

Finally, Park Bo Young emphasized, “Now, I believe that being natural is the most important thing,” adding, “I dream of accepting myself as I am and undergo changes in acting.”

Source: Daum

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