6 Korean actors who were Kim Ji Won’s co-stars: who had the best chemistry with the actress?

Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Seo Joon all lost to this actor. 

Alongside her visuals, talents, and quality choice of works, actress Kim Ji Won is also known for her male co-stars, all of whom are super dashing and talented. However, from bottom to top, here are those that delivered the best chemistry with the actress. 

No. 6: Lee Min Ho – The Heirs

Despite both being whole visuals and born to prestigious families, Kim Ji Won played the second female lead while Lee Min Ho played the male lead, so their characters had no ways of ending up together. Together, they looked like a powerful couple, but there wasn’t much chemistry between them. 

Of course, they were not the main couple of “The Heirs”, and that’s why Lee Min Ho had to settle for this ranking. While there are little chances that both will star in the same series again, it’s not wrong to wish for the impossible. 

No. 5: Park Seo Joon – Fight For My Way

Despite rocking as the protagonists of “Fight For My Way”, the chemistry between Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon leaned more towards friendship than romance. The hilarious interactions when they were still friends were way more enjoyable than them after getting into a relationship. 

So, while Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won did ooze some chemistry, they unfortunately had to land in the 5th place. 

No 4: Song Joong Ki – Arthdal Chronicles

Due to the theme of “Arthdal Chronicles” that didn’t leave much ground to romance, Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won’s chemistry in this fantasy work was still somewhat lacking. 

However, their subtle gazes and gestures on the set greatly complemented each other, and the duo managed to make the best of what the series allowed them. 

No. 3: Jin Goo – Descendants Of The Sun

The combination between Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo in “Descendants Of The Sun” can be said to be explosive. However, they fell behind the main couple between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, and thus were suitable for this third place. 

Kim Ji Won’s character and her proactiveness was truly the star of the show. Her acting was also excellent, but there were some romantic moments that felt a little out of place. 

No 2: Ji Chang Wook – Lovestruck In The City 

This KakaoTV original series was severely underrated, and the combination of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won was totally insane! The complexities of their characters, their pain, sorrows, hopelessness, and most importantly, love, were beautifully delivered, making “Lovestruck in The City” an extremely memorable work. 

Hopefully, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won will be able to reunite in a future project. Their chemistry deserves to be acknowledged by more people. 

No. 1: Son Seok Koo – My Liberation Notes 

While “My Liberation Notes” is only halfway through its air, it might be one of the most quality 2022 K-dramas just yet. Kim Ji Won’s characters totally rocked the chemistry with Son Seok Koo’s Mr. Gu, and despite their lack of skinship, simple gestures showed ample love between the couple. 

My Liberation Notes

In fact, chemistry totally filled the air whenever the two shared a frame – whether it’s just them walking around or eating together. Kim Ji Won improved tremendously in this work, and Son Seok Koo managed to make her shine. This duo truly proved that you don’t need too much skinship to make a couple work. 


Surprisingly, Kim Ji Won showed the most chemistry in her lesser-known works. Among all of the actress’s male co-stars, Son Seok Koo is probably the most unfamiliar name, and yet he undeniably deserve the first place. 

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