One more celebrity was criticized for using fake products

“Jo Hye-ryun’s sister-in-law” Park Hye-min was criticized for wearing clothes from a global luxury brand. In fact, these clothes are fake, but Park Hye-min had to be denounced because of the previous controversies.

Park Hye-min released photos of her everyday life on her Instagram on July 29th. In the photos, she was exfoliating her feet.

When the photos were shared, some pointed out that Park Hye-min, who suffered hardships of life, wore luxury brand clothes.

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Park Hye-min appeared on the June 13th episode of MBC’s “Oh Eun-young’s Report: Marriage Hell” as a couple on the verge of divorce with her husband Jo Ji-hwan. At that time, Park Hye-min and Jo Ji-hwan showed their suffering from severe financial difficulties to the extent that they did not have 50,000 won for fueling their car.

People argued that they did not understand the situation in which Park Hye-min was wearing luxury brand products comfortably at home.

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The lifestyle of a couple who are economically deprived and luxury brand clothes may not match. However, if you look closely at the product, it looks fake, not genuine. Because the alphabet with the brand name is upside down.

This incident is believed to have occurred because fake goods were mistaken for authentic ones. Of course, consumption of fake products is not something to be praised for either. Wearing counterfeit products is a matter of damaging brand value.

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Then, why didn’t Park Hye-min explain the problem about real-fake products?

Park Hye-min and Jo Ji-hwan, who received a lot of attention after appearing on “Oh Eun-young’s Report: Marriage Hell” earlier, are highly likely to have considered the controversy as viewers’ interest and overlooked it. Park Hye-min, who dreams of becoming a show host, is steadily selling and promoting products through her Instagram.

Park Hye-min additionally updated her daughter’s photos without responding to the above-mentioned post until July 30th.

Source: naver

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