Oh My Girl’s YooA showed off her doll-like body on “2021 Together Again, K-POP Concert”

Oh My Girl YooA attracts attention with her flawless body on the red carpet

‘Oh My Girl’ YooA poses at the photo wall of ‘2021 Together Again, K-POP Concert’ held non-face-to-face on the afternoon of July 17th.

NCT DREAM, BTOB, Brave Girls, Baek Ji-young, Kim Tae-woo, Oh My Girl, AB6IX, CIX, Momoland, On & Off, Kim Jae-hwan, Jeon So-yeon, Dreamcatcher, Cosmic Girls’ Chubby, Rocket Punch, Driffin, Dark Be, Giant Pink, A.C.E, EPEX, T1419, 3YE, and 20YE will also participate in this event. 

Meanwhile, “2021 Together Again, K-POP Concert” will be broadcast live exclusively in Korea by KT on Seezn (season) and Olleh TV.

YooA (Oh My Girl) is famous for her doll-like face right from her debut.  Moreover, Oh My Girl member also has an hourglass figure and super long legs.  At first glance, everyone thought that she must be 1m70 tall, but her real height was revealed to be 1m6. 

Netizens think that it is the perfect body proportions that have helped YooA become so outstanding.  She once became the focus of attention at the Pyeongchang Peace Festival when appearing with an extremely outstanding charisma on stage.  Her excellent body and beautiful doll-like face are praised by netizens.

Source: Nate

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