T.O.P Crosses Out BIGBANG From His Name, Announces He Has Left The Group

T.O.P directly announces that he has not only left YG Entertainment, but also BIGBANG.

T.O.P recently confirmed his departure from BIGBANG. Making his intentions clear, T.O.P replied to a fan on Instagram, “I have withdrawn (from BIGBANG). I have already told you last year. I am facing a new chapter in my life.” 


When a fan asked if he was planning to make a comeback. T.O.P’s response was concise but impactful – “Solo.” This means T.O.P will not be coming back as a BIGBANG member, only as a soloist.  


Further confirming his departure from BIGBANG, T.O.P took to his Instagram story to make a symbolic gesture. He blurred out the word “BIGBANG” from his name. He also reposted an article with the headline, “T.O.P Announces Comeback Solo After Leaving BIGBANG.” 


While YG Entertainment and BIGBANG have yet to make an official statement regarding T.O.P’s departure from the group, previously stating that he left the company but remained a part of BIGBANG, T.O.P’s direct confirmation has cleared up the confusion.

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