“Doctor Cha” hottest actor: married to former Kpop idol, a retired athlete?

Min Woo Hyuk, who has been gaining attention for his role as Roy Kim in the K-drama “Doctor Cha”, is married to a former idol. 

Doctor Cha” is currently a highly popular Korean drama, attracting huge public attention and helping JTBC achieve impressive viewership ratings. Alongside the “seductive queen” Uhm Jung Hwa and veteran actor Kim Byung Chul, the handsome actor Min Woo Hyuk, who plays the dashing and kind-hearted Roy Kim, is also gaining attention. 

It is also notable that in real life, Min Woo Hyuk is no less impressive than Roy Kim in the drama. 

Min Woo Hyuk, who plays Roy Kim in “Doctor Cha”, draws a lot of attention.

Model-like appearance

Min Woo Hyuk, born in 1983, is a talented South Korean actor, singer, and model. As soon as the drama “Doctor Cha” aired, the actor became famous for his handsome, scholarly, and youthful appearance that looks way younger than his actual age. Moreover, Min Woo Hyuk has an ideal height of 1.87m, as well as excellent proportions, which further enhances his outstanding appearance.

Min Woo Hyuk’s handsome and youthful face at the age of 40
His tall and model-like figure is something many guys aspire to.

Notable career

Before gaining widespread recognition playing Roy Kim in “Doctor Cha”, Min Woo Hyuk had also caught the audience’s attention with his roles in “The Third Charm” and in “Love with Flaws.” Additionally, the actor also impressed with his theater debut in the 2013 play “The March of Youth”. 

It is also notable that Min Woo Hyuk started his professional career as an outfielder for the baseball team LG Twins, but retired after six months due to an injury.

Min Woo Hyuk has an impressive singing voice, and also works as a theater actor 

Happily married to a former Kpop idol with 2 children

Youthful as he looks, Min Woo Hyuk surprises a lot of new fans when they learn that the actor is already married and has 2 children. In fact, his wife, former K-pop idol as well as actress and TV host Lee Semi, is also active in the entertainment industry. 

In 2009, Lee Semi debuted as a member of the girl group LPG. With her beautiful appearance and singing skills, she quickly became a beloved face among fans from 2009 to 2012. After LPG disbanded, Lee Semi and Min Woo Hyuk officially tied the knot in November 2012. Since 2013, the former K-pop idol shifted to being a host for a home-shopping program. She also starred in some acting projects from 2002 to 2009. 

Two years after getting married, Lee Semi and Min Woo Hyuk happily welcomed their first son. In 2020, the couple had an adorable daughter. Notably, the appearance of both Min Woo Hyuk’s children was revealed to the public when they appeared on “The Return of Superman.”

Min Woo Hyuk’s wife, Lee Semi, is a former K-pop idol and member of the girl group LPG.
They moved in together at the end of 2012.
Min Woo Hyuk’s small family appeared on “The Return of Superman” and quickly became popular.

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