(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and DKZ’s Jaechan talk about resembling Song Hye-kyo and Lee Gi-kwang -> Semantic Error’s famous lines

“Lee Gi-kwang’s Song Plaza” created a sense of pleasantness by interesting topics, from (G)I-DLE Miyeon and DKZ Jaechan’s resemblance to handsome men and women to Semantic Error’s famous line.

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and DKZ’s Jaechan, Kyoungyoon, Mingyu appeared as guests on KBS cool FM’s “Lee Gi-kwang’s Song Plaza” (hereinafter referred to as “Song Plaza”), which aired on May 4th.


On this day, Lee Gi-kwang and DKZ’s Jaechan mentioned that they looked like each other, creating a warm atmosphere from the beginning. Lee Gi-kwang praised,Jaechan is handsome. I’m not saying he’s handsome because he resembles me. He’s very handsome. I went to the shop because they said that there would be gorgeous guests. The hair and makeup artist told me that Jaechan and I looked alike.”

Lee Gi-kwang

DKZ members also returned the compliment, “Before the broadcast, we went to the bathroom and saw Lee Gi-kwang. We thought ‘Wow, how is he so handsome?'” Lee Gi-kwang said, “Wasn’t I wearing a mask? There’s a maskfish these days. You have to be careful.”

Miyeon‘s similar figures were also mentioned. She said she was constantly told that she resembled cheerleader Park Ki-ryang. At this time, the production team also mentioned Song Hye-kyo. Miyeon shook her hands saying, “No, I’m flattered.”


DKZ‘s new album “CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM” drew attention as its first-week sales increased 100 times compared to the previous album. Lee Gi-kwang was surprised by this and confirmed again, “100 times?” Jaechan replied, “We were surprised too, but they said 100 times.” He expressed his happiness, “We’re busy with the release of the album, so we haven’t had a celebration party yet. I think we’ll have a party together after the promotion is over.”


One listener showed interest in Miyeon appearing with pigtails. She said, “I’m the eldest in the team, so I’m too shy to do pigtails. I’m trying to do my solo activities though.” At the same time, Miyeon drew attention by choosing “beauty, singing” as her role in (G)I-DLE. She made everyone laugh by saying, “I choose like that because we’re playing a game. Okay, I admit it.”

(G)I-DLE Miyeon

When asked about a famous line in “Semantic Error”, Jaechan answered without hesitation, “10 minutes. No more than that.” When Lee Gi-kwang admired “Why do you have such a good voice?“, Jaechan humbly said, “No.”

Mingyu then mentioned “voice” as one of his charms. Lee Gi-kwang asked, “I think there are more. Please add four more.” Mingyu replied, “Voice, voice when singing, voice when talking, voice before going to bed.” Lee Gi-kwang continued, “Voice after waking up, voice after eating. I’m with ‘voice king’ Mingyu.”


Another listener asked (G)I-DLE’s Princess Miyeon and DKZ’s Princess Jaechan to bow to each other. When Miyeon was surprised by the title of princess and asked “Are you a princess?”, Jaechan explained the reason, “Because it feels like I’m being taken care of too much.” As princesses, the two put their hands on their chests and exchanged greetings politely, drawing laughter.


Afterwards, Miyeon greeted Lee Gi-kwang, “I was grateful that you took care of me on other entertainment programs. Thank you for inviting me to your radio show right after my solo debut.” Lee Gi-kwang shared, “It was before your solo debut when I saw you. It’s good to see you doing well.”


DKZ’s Jaechan said, “Thank you for giving me an opportunity to see Lee Gi-kwang in person. You’re really handsome and friendly. Thank you for helping me. It was an honor to be on the same radio show with Miyeon, too.” Kyoungyoon went on to say, “Actually, I was very nervous on my way here. I felt a sense of closeness as Lee Gi-kwang said he likes sports. I like sports so much that I try all kinds of sports. I want to work out with you.” Then Lee Gi-kwang expressed his desire to play soccer with Kyoungyoon. Lee Gi-kwang attracted attention as he was embarrassed by Mingyu‘s praise for him, “Is today Lee Gi-kwang‘s dedication day?”


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