“The two really look alike”… A Filipino fan causes a stir among international fans with her appearance that resembles BLACKPINK Jennie’s 

A Filipino girl is gaining popularity as BLACKPINK Jennie’s lookalike. 

On May 1st, an online media outlet introduced a selfie video of a girl who has recently become a hot topic on TikTok. Videos uploaded by this girl attracted keen attention from overseas fans and gained lots of views.


This fan stood out by showing off her appearance which is similar to Jennie’s. She boasted about how much she looked like Jennie by making comparisons with Jennie’s photos. She reenacted Jennie’s expressions, from a calm and relaxed face to a smiling one.

Netizens who saw these pictures showed various reactions, such as “They would look exactly the same if they get makeup”, “Is she really a normal Southeast Asian girl?”, “They really look alike”, etc.


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