Oh My Girl Arin “I felt desperate when preparing to become an idol”

Oh My Girl Arin explained her character in “Summer, Love Machine Blues”.

On the afternoon of July 12th, the online press conference of tvN X TVING’s project “O’PENing 2023” was held. As a pre-recorded event, not a live broadcast, a video edited in advance by the production team was broadcast. Director Yoon Hye Ryum, Arin, director Noh Young Seop, Lee Soon Jae, Sunwoo Yong Nyeo, director Jung Jong Beom, Uhm Ji Won, Park Ji Hwan, director Jung Da Hyung, Choi Won Young, Jung Yi Seo, director Jung Se Ryeong, Park So Yi, director Cho Eun Sol and Bae Kang Hee attended the event.


“Summer, Love Machine Blues” (directed by Yoon Hye Ryum/written by Lee Choong Han) is the story of road movie with Lee Soo, an adult goods shopping mall owner from Koshinang, and Deu Rim, a passionate second-time test taker.

Arin, who played the role of Deu Rim, said, “The most relatable part was Deu Rim’s efforts to go to Hankook University. I sympathized with it because there was the desperation I felt at the time of preparing to become an idol or auditioning for works.”

“O‘PENing 2023” is a new name for tvN’s “Drama Stage”, which has been introduced since 2017. It is tvN X TVING’s joint drama project consisting of 7 new writers’ works with free forms and fresh attempts.


“Summer, Love Machine Blues” (Go Soo, Arin), “Walking” (Lee Soon Jae, Sunwoo Yong Nyeo), “Summer Cold” (Uhm Ji Won, Park Ji Hwan), “One Reason Why We Cannot Meet” (UEE, Kang Sang Jun), “Don’t Press the Peach” (Jung Yi Seo, Choi Won Young, Shin Hyun Soo), “2:15” (Park So Yi, Gi So Yu) and “Shoot Me” (Bae Kang Hee, Han Su Ah, Lee Ki Taek) will be released sequentially.

tvN X TVING’s project “O’PENing 2023” will premiere on tvN at 10:40 PM on Sunday, July 16th. Before that, all episodes will be released on TVING at 4 PM on Thursday, July 13th.

Source: Daum

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