“Taxi Driver 2” villain Shin Jae Ha shared thoughts on the K-drama’s ending

Actor Shin Jae Ha shared his thoughts on the end of “Taxi Driver 2”.

On April 16th, actor Shin Jae Ha sent sad regards through his Instagram account.


Shin Jae Ha played the role of On Ha Jun in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver 2”, which recently ended.

Shin Jae Ha expressed his gratitude, “It still feels like a dream to be in a great work called ‘Taxi Driver’. I had a great time with the best staff and the best seniors.”

He said, “I lived as On Ha Jun for most of the filming period, but strangely, the name Dan Woo is more memorable. Thank you for loving ‘Taxi Driver 2’, Ha Jun and Dan Woo so far.”

Shin Jae Ha caused laughter as he added, “But did I really spend years of luck this year?”


Shin Jae Ha joined the existing members as a new character and received a lot of attention right from the start.

He was praised for his strong presence, ranging from restrained emotional acting to action.

Meanwhile, the production company Studio S told Insight, “It is confirmed that we will promote season 3 of ‘Taxi Driver’. We plan to start discussions soon with actors and writers.”


It is known that the broadcast station and production companies have been discussing the production of season 3 early on as season 2 gained high popularity right after its first broadcast on February 17th.

However, the production company added, “Nothing has been discussed in detail. There is an internal atmosphere that season 3 is expected to air in 2025 after preparations.”

Source: insight

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