Rookie actress who left a K-drama due to “bad acting” showed a strong response

Actress Park Hye Eun, who left “Alchemy of Souls”, confronted the controversy about her acting skills. 

On August 14th, Park Hye Eun posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption: “You are working hard, you are suffering a lot.”

The published photo was of an article from last year, which discussed the topic of Park Hye Eun leaving the cast of “Alchemy of Souls”. In particular, said article stated that Park Hye Eun gave up on her role due to “insufficient acting skills”.

As if Park Hye Eun was avenging her past humiliation, the actress then attached her appearances in later works, including “Adamas” and “Gentleman”. She also added: “See you this week, I’m rooting for you”, cheering up herself and promoting her upcoming projects.  

Last year, Park Hye Eun was cast as the female lead of “Alchemy of Souls”, but left early in filming and was replaced by actress Jung So Min. A media outlet later reported that Park Hye Eun’s reason for leaving was her “insufficient acting skills”, causing controversy. 

In response to this, the production team of “Alchemy of Souls” explained that while Park Hye Eun prepared a lot, she was a rookie who felt a lot of pressure about leading such a huge project, and ended up dropping out.  

On the other hand, Park Hye Eun said: “It was regrettable and complicated, but in the end, I hope that ‘Alchemy of Souls’ goes well without any problems.” .

The rookie actress is currently appearing on the MBC Wednesday – Thursday drama “Adamas”, and is about to star in KakaoTV’s original series “Borrowed Body” (literal translation) and Wavve’s movie “Gentleman”. 

Source: wikitree

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