Girls’ Generation Sooyoung talked to herself when her lover Jung Kyung-ho’s photo came out

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung showed affection for her lover Jung Kyung-ho.

On August 12th, a video titled “Victims occured from Guess Who” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Channel 15ya”.

In the video, Girls’ Generation members, who celebrated their 15th debut anniversary, appeared as guests on “The Game Caterers” and played “Guess Who”.

The first round ended in failure. The second round began with Hyoyeon in the lead. The members guessed singer Kyuhyun, actress Kim Tae-hee, singer IU and J. Y. Park correctly.

Tiffany and Sunny exceeded the time limit in guessing former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan and singer Lee Young-ji, respectively. PD Na Young-seok acknowledged by saying, “That was the buzzer beater” and “I was going to say wrong.”

When they managed to pass the halfway point, actor Jung Kyung-ho appeared as a question in Tiffany‘s turn. Jung Kyung-ho’s ID photo was used.

Tiffany passed lightly by shouting “Jung Kyung-ho“. The camera naturally caught Sooyoung, who is in a public relationship with Jung Kyung-ho. Looking closely at the picture, Sooyoung expressed regret, “This photo is a little…” She was just talking to herself, but it was captured in the video. It was a scene where Sooyoung’s affection for her lover Jung Kyung-ho was revealed.

Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung-ho have been in a public relationship for 8 years since 2014.

Source: wikitree

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