15-year-old Haram is the last member to be introduced in BABYMONSTER 

YG finally released the introduction video of the last member of BABYMONSTER, Haram. 

Haram started her career in the entertainment industry as a kid model at the age of 2 and moved on to be an idol trainee at YG Entertainment. Haram’s evaluation video showed an overflowing and natural talent.


In the first monthly evaluation, Haram did not express a nervous presence but carried a confident air and relaxed stage control instead. It can be observed that Haram’s biggest strength is her unique voice, like her role model Rosé (BLACKPINK).

In turn, her idol recognized her vocal capability and said, “Your voice (Haram’s) is great and I think you know how to control it.”

Yang Hyun Suk, the group’s executive producer, said, “It’s really hard to beat her vocals. The style and charms her vocals have can be put up against renowned pop-singers.”

Haram started taking dance lessons only after she had become a trainee at YG. However, with constant effort, she has grown remarkably. A 10-hour practice each day, Haram has learnt to move her body more sharply and controlled. 

Friends are also shown to have been a consistent source of motivation for Haram. She said, “I think I get comfort when all of us sing together and play around. I think that’s when I relieve stress.” At the surprise birthday party, Haram got so emotional for the care she received from her peers that she cried after hearing their messages and wished that, “We (the trainees) can all do well.” Haram also added, “I think life as a YG trainee means ‘growth’ to me.” 


The video concluded with a positive message from the trainee, “If I debut, it will also be the day when my new dream begins. I really want to make my debut!,” giving hopes about YG’s next girl group and raising fans’ expectations of their debut. 

Source: wikitree

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