Rei is introduced as the 5th member of Starship’s new girl group – I’VE: a lovely and charismatic vocalist and rapper

The 5th member of I’VE, Starship’s rookie girl group, has just been introduced.

Rei’s profile images were uploaded on I’VE’s official SNS accounts on the evening of November 6th.

In a released photo, Rei showed off her stylish look and lovely charisma with a short hairstyle. Especially, Rei caught the eyes with her fresh smile that impressed anyone at their first look.

In another picture, Rei tied her hair high to emphasize her chic aura. From a bright smile, she changed her expression to an emotionless face, giving off opposite vibes in the 2 profile cuts.

Born in 2004, the Japanese member – Rei is in charge of rap and vocal position in I’VE. It is expected that she will prove herself as a singer with a brilliant voice and unique charm.

After 5 years, Starship Entertainment is introducing a new girl group of 6 members – I’VE. I’VE will show their charms as a complete group, not a group consisting of girls who are still developing their skills. The group’s name – “I HAVE = I’VE” is given to the girls with an ambition to express their images and what they have with a confident appearance.

I’VE’s debut has been launched in a full-fledged scale, starting with the release of their members. 5 members, including leader Yujin, Gaeul, Jang Won-young, Liz and Rei, have been unveiled so far.

While global fans are getting more curious about the last member, they also raised high expectations for how I’VE members will show their talents and charismas as soon as they gather as a whole team. I’VE’s profile photos and promotion schedule, which are parts of the debut preparation, will be unveiled one by one on their official SNS accounts.

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