OH MY GIRL Arin and “All of Us Are Dead” Yoo In-soo reportedly join the cast of “Soul Marriage”

“Global rising stars” Yoo In-soo and Arin will be joining tvN’s “Soul Marriage”, raising expectations.

Yoo In-soo-Arin

tvN’s “Soul Marriage” (written by Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran, directed by Park Joon-hwa), which is scheduled to air in 2022, is a fantasy romance drama in which protagonists whose fate is twisted due to “hwanhonsool” (the soul of the dead return to the living) overcome this and grow up against the backdrop of Daeho Country, which does not exist in history or maps. It is drawing attention for the meeting between “Hong SistersHong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran, who wrote “Hotel Del Luna“, and director Park Joon-hwa, who directed “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim“, “Touch Your Heart“.

Alongside “trending actorsLee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho and “trustworthy corps Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Na-ra, Jo Jae-yoon, “global rising stars” Yoo In-soo and Arin will join the lineup of “Soul Marriage”, attracting attention.

Yoo In-soo

Yoo In-soo will play the role of Park Dang-gu, the successor of Songrim, the largest company in Daeho Country. Although Park Dang-gu is the heir to the top 1% wealthy person, he is more interested in various rumors in Daeho and having fun than in management classes. Yoo In-soo, who made headlines as a “world villain” through Netflix’s “All of Us Are Dead“, is expected to show a wide spectrum with a pleasant character that is completely different from his previous work.

Oh My Girl Arin

OH MY GIRL Arin will take on the role of Jin Cho-yeon, the best celebrity in Daeho as well as the youngest daughter of the Jin family. Jin Cho-yeon seems more gorgeous and dignified than anyone else on the outside, but in reality, she is the youngest daughter of the Jin family with childlike innocence. The transformation into a hot celebrity in Daeho Country of Arin, who captivated viewers’ hearts with her lovely charm and lively acting skills in the web drama “The World of My 17“, is raising expectations.

The production team said, “With the joining of actors Yoo In-soo and Arin, who have emerged as global rising stars, a stronger lineup has been completed. Please look forward to the added depth of acting skills and charm potential that the two will each show as Park Dang-gu and Jin Cho-yeon.”

tvN’s “Soul Marriage“, a new fantasy romance drama in which hitmakers Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran and director Park Joon-hwa work together, will premiere in 2022.

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