Fantasy Boys Jun Won, drop out just before debut “Legal dispute in earnest”

The incident of Fantasy Boys Jun Won has emerged as a legal dispute.

Jun Won won 1st place on MBC’s “Fantasy Boys”, which aired until June, and was scheduled to be a member of the debut group Fantasy Boys. However, on August 14th, he officially withdrew from the team, notifying PocketDol Studio, the agency to which he had delegated management authority, through his legal representative.

Yoo Jun won

Jun Won’s side claimed that there were unfavorable clauses, including unfair financial burdens, in the subsidiary agreement presented by the company. They alleged that the trust relationship with the company was broken during contract negotiations. As a result, Jun Won’s side initiated legal action by filing for an injunction to suspend the effects of the exclusive contract.

The production company behind “Fantasy Boys”, Phunky Studio, is also preparing legal countermeasures.

Legal consultant Lee Yoon Sang stated that although they have not received the opposing party’s claim yet, they plan to respond accordingly. He explained that the show operated under the premise that joining meant participating in activities as Fantasy Boys for a five-year exclusive contract. He claimed that during the process of negotiating the subsidiary agreement, Jun Won failed to fulfill his contractual obligations and did not make sufficient efforts to reconcile disagreements.

PocketDol Studio previously claimed that Jun Won’s demands for inequitable profit distribution among the 12 members disrupted the preparation for the group’s debut, causing substantial financial losses. They also noted that Jun Won left the team twice without permission during this process.

The departure allegedly led to significant costs, including set expenses, staff salaries, various fees and penalties. It also resulted in disruptions to song recording and choreography planning. The company spokesperson revealed KakaoTalk messages exchanged with the choreography director and music video director, indicating last-minute changes necessitated by Jun Won’s sudden departure.

Jun Won

Jun Won reportedly left the group chat where the company shared daily schedules and managed commuting for Fantasy Boys members.

Jun Won’s mother declined to provide an interview in response to these claims.

Yoo Jun won

Earlier, Jun Won’s legal representative emphasized that there was undue pressure from the company regarding schedules while the contract agreements were not finalized. Jun Won had been committed to the company’s schedules, including a concert in Japan last July. They argued that his departure cannot be labeled as unauthorized because there was no agreement in place and hence nothing is legally binding.

Source: Daum

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