“No food allowed + only one entrance,” Announcement from the BTS Busan concert is making fans angry

Fans are pouring out dissatisfaction with the announcement from the authorities of BTS’s Busan concert.

On August 30th, HYBE and Big Hit Music posted a notice on BTS‘ official SNS, titled “Details of ‘BTS Yet To Come in BUSAN’ Offline Concert for Hosting the 2030 Busan World Expo”.

The concert to be held on October 15th was planned after BTS was appointed as the ambassador for the 2030 Busan World Expo. Starting with this concert, the members are expected to engage in other various global promotional activities.


This concert will be held at a special venue in Ilgwang, Gijang-gun, Busan, with 100,000 seats, consisting of 50,000 designated seats and 50,000 standing seats.

However, the concert venue is said to have only one entrance and exit gate. Many are criticizing that just one entrance is insufficient for 100,000 viewers to use.

Fans are also concerned about the fact that the 50,000 standing seats are operated without a separate entry number. They are worried that there is a possibility that unexpected accidents can occur when tens of thousands of viewers gather.


The concert will start at 6 pm, but the authorities plan to control the crowd by allowing audiences to enter from 9 am on the same day. However, outside food and beverages are reportedly not allowed inside the venue.

The fact that the entrance starts at 9 am but food is not allowed is also causing dissatisfaction among fans.

This notice is spreading around various online communities, to which fans responded, “It’s too unrealistic to have only one gate” and “It makes no sense to not allow any outside food and drink when they told people to enter at 9 am.”


As soon as the date and location of BTS’ free concert in Busan was announced, fans have been showing keen interest in the news.

Due to the intense interest from both domestic and foreign fans, the usual 1-day accommodation price, which was usually around 100,000 won, soared to the 400,000 won range, while the accommodations which were usually in the 60,000 won range skyrocketed to 615,000 won, causing controversy.


In this regard, the city of Busan has organized an inspection team from August 26th to investigate and guide the site.

In addition, the city of Busan plans to hold a joint meeting with related organizations every week to establish measures such as transportation and safety measures, believing that this concert, which attracts 100,000 people, will serve as a test bed for the city’s ability to attract visitors for the Expo.

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