Fans can’t help but fall for aespa NingNing’s visuals, even in her everyday image

aespa’s NingNing is gradually affirming her place within the group. 

NingNing debuted in aespa in 2020. Earlier in her career, the idol usually received mixed opinions on her visuals. Specifically, on her appearance on “Weekly Idol,” viewers remarked that her makeup style lacked attractiveness. 

NingNing (aespa) on “Weekly Idol”. (Image: Weekly Idol) 

Nonetheless, through three years of activities, the idol is proving herself to have both the visuals and the talent. Appearing at events or performing on stage, NingNing is confident with her appearance. Through a series of moments captured spontaneously by fans, netizens are in awe of her flawless beauty taken at any angle. 

NingNing through the lens of fans. (Image: Twitter @jwok1023)
The singer boasts a slender physique. (Image: Twitter @jwok1023)
Ningning karina
NingNing beside her group member, Karina. (Image: Twitter @jwok1023)

With an enviable physique, NingNing can take on virtually any image, be it dynamic and bold or elegant and delicate. 

NingNing’s everyday image. (Image: aespa_official) 

Of late, fans were shocked to learn that the idol actually had a poor vision on her right eye. In her talk with VOGUE China, the idol said: “My eyesight isn’t very good, I had an operation when I was younger. [Now] I can barely see anything in this [right] eye. This is a secret.” 

It explains why aespa NingNing had to wear sunglasses or shield herself from the camera flashes.

NingNing revealed her poor vision. (Image: VOGUE China) 
Ning Ning
She frequently had to shield her face from camera flashes. (Image: AllKpop) 

Source: YAN News

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