An accurate prediction of Bobby’s (iKON) marriage from months ago gives netizens goosebumps

Korean netizens are now suspecting that this post was written by an acquaintance of Bobby.

Yesterday, Bobby (iKON) shocked the entire entertainment industry by announcing that he is getting married. Additionally, Bobby also revealed that his fiancée is pregnant with their first child and he is going to be a father in September this year.

Korean netizens then quickly discovered a post from 2 months ago, which accurately predicted Bobby’s marriage. Specifically, earlier in June, a post on the forum Instiz brought up this topic when the original poster wrote: “Around July or August, there will be an announcement that an idol member is going to get married to an ordinary person. Then you guys will have to come back to this post.” The netizen who shared this post also claimed: “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. I’m going to sleep, ㅂㅂ~” (Bobby’s Korean name is 바비, abbreviated as ㅂㅂ).

At that time, most netizens thought this post was just a joke and didn’t pay much attention. However, after Bobby’s announcement, Korean netizens have come back to search for and discuss this post, just as the poster predicted. Many netizens believe that the person who uploaded this post must be an acquaintance of Bobby and was well aware of his girlfriend’s pregnancy since the post was published only 2 months before the male idol’s official announcement.

Netizens commented, “Can’t call this a prediction because the post was only written 2 months ago”, “The person who wrote this must be an acquaintance of Bobby. He is having a baby in September, while this post was created only 1 to 2 months ago. His wife must have been pregnant for 7-8 months so their acquaintances probably know about this already”, “ㅂㅂ must be Bobby”, “I bet this person was deliberately giving a hint using the letters ㅂㅂ”, “I think their acquaintances already knew about this, only fans are clueless”, “This person just wanted to spread it online and it is definitely someone who knows Bobby”, “I’m pretty sure everyone around Bobby already knew about his baby”,…


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