“Next So Hee” Bae Doo Na, “I’ll do more movies about children… We should be rewarded for our hard work”

Bae Doo Na explained why she acted in many films about children.

Wikitree conducted an interview with actress Bae Doo Na at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on February 2nd ahead of the release of “Next So Hee”.

“Next So Hee” tells about the incident that 18-year-old high school student So Hee (Kim Si Eun) experienced during her field training at a call center, and the investigation conducted by detective Yoo Jin (Bae Doo Na), who comes to the same place but at a different time.

This is director Jung Ju Ri’s new film in 9 years since “A Girl at My Door”. In “Next So Hee”, Bae Doo Na plays detective Yoo Jin, who tries to find out the truth about So Hee’s death.

From “A Girl at My Door”, to “Broker” and “Next So Hee”, Bae Doo Na mostly selected scripts centering on children. She said, “I will definitely going to join more movies about children”, drawing attention.

The actress shared, “I have the feeling that I’m still immature. I don’t think I’ve become a good adult. But I have lots of social experiences so I want young people to live in a better world”, adding “I don’t want children to experience any trials I’ve been through. I think I can somehow tell children about everything in their process of becoming adults. Basically, I think children should be protected and live a happy life”.

bae doo na

When asked about what is needed for a better world, Bae Doo Na replied, “I think humans should be considered the top priority. However, I think people nowadays prioritize other things more than humans”, adding “It is because if we keep our conscience and put humans first, we might not feel happy”.

Regarding her motto in life, Bae Doo Na said, “There can be several ones. I think I should be rewarded for my hard work”, adding “I’m not talking about the money meaning only but money is also important”. She asked back, “Aren’t we all working hard for that? Even if you don’t have to suffer a hard time, isn’t it comforting when we have money?”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, “Next So Hee” will premiere in theaters on February 8th.

Source: wikitree

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