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LOONA Chuu made fan confession to Choa: “I look for your cover video and respect you a lot”

LOONA member Chuu recently confessed her love for the former AOA member Choa.

On the June 30th episode of SBS show “DNA Singer – Fantastic Family” (literal translation), singer Choa appeared alongside her cousin.

loona chuu dna singer

Here, Choa shared that she realized her family has “musical DNA”, with her mother knowing to play the violin and piano, while her aunt plays the guitar and sings well. The former idol also added that she realized her cousin was good at singing after he sang a congratulatory song for Choa’s younger brother’s birthday party, and was also good with the guitar.

loona chuu dna singer

On the show, Choa and her cousin performed the song “Maria” together, and set up an unique stage that incorporated rock elements. 

Commenting on the performance, Yang Hee Eun said: “It is not easy to match the vocals of men and women for this song. Even though it was not an easy range, there was a beauty created by your voice merging, allowing for harmony.”

loona chuu dna singer

LOONA Chuu, who appeared as a guest judge on the show, also said: “It felt like we were watching a whole choir.”

The female idol also expressed her love for Choa, saying: “I previously looked for your cover videos to listen to. I have a lot of respect for you, and had so much fun today. I am just so happy.”

loona chuu dna singer

At this, Choa was pleased, smiling and thanking Chuu in response. 

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