Sunmi teased choreography for latest title “Heart Burn”…But isn’t it too familiar?

Sunmi’s new title song “Heart Burn” is drawing attention for an extremely familiar choreography point.

Famous solo artist and former Wonder Girls member Sunmi recently heated up the Kpop scene with her new song “Heart Burn”. The song, which perfectly embodied the spirit of summer, holds strong prospects on both international and domestic charts. In addition, the storyline in Sunmi’s MV, which retells a love story in Los Angeles and includes an extremely sweet kiss, easily steals the heart of netizens

Sunmi’s “Heart Burn” MV
The heated kiss in Sunmi’s new MV

Alongside the MV, however, fans couldn’t help but notice Sunmi’s new choreography – which always plays an important part in her musical releases. As previous choreography points of Sunmi often go viral, like the “gun dance” in “Gashina” and the “mermaid dance” in “Siren”, high antipations are paid to dancing movements featured in “Heart Burn”

Sunmi’s choreographies often become trends

And the choreography of “Heart Burn” finally came out in full in Sunmi’s showcase, which was held on June 29th. However, the choreography, which utilized ropes, proves to be extremely familiar to some netizens. 

Sunmi utilizes rope in her dance for “Heart Burn”
Her movements really resembles a children’s game that requires skipping ropes
This choreography is also included in the official MV
Sunmi performed the move in her showcase for “Heart Burn”

This translation of a children’s game into a choreography is drawing enthusiastic reactions from netizens. 

Source: K14

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