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All cast members stood up and cheered for this famous comedian who tore up the stage on “Any Body Can Dance”

A famous comedian received a standing ovation for his perfect performance on the final stage of “Any Body Can Dance”. 

In the final episode of Mnet’s “Any Body Can Dance” (“Ttukttak’s Counterattack”), which aired on June 28th, the final performances put together by the dance masters and the contestants were unveiled.

Ttukttak's Counterattack
Ttukttaks Counterattack 30062022 8

The final stage of Aiki’s team ‘Ttuk’, which ranked at the bottom in the interim evaluation, was revealed. Comedian Lee Sang Jun, who belongs to the ‘Ttuk’ team, caught the attention with his extraordinary force from the moment he appeared.

Ttukttaks Counterattack 30062022 7
Ttukttaks Counterattack 30062022 6

After selecting BTS’s songs ‘Dope’ and ‘Fire’, he heated up the stage with a witty narration, “Come on. It’s your first time at Ttukttak, right?” 

In the performance that followed, Lee Sang Jun surprised everyone with his sharp choreography, showing his great effort. The audience responded enthusiastically to the eye-catching and exciting stage that boasted Aiki’s unique sense.

Immediately after the stage, Aiki cried, saying, “It wasn’t a counterattack but a history of “Ttuk-dak”.” All the judges stood up and applauded.

Ttukttaks Counterattack 30062022 5
Ttukttak's Counterattack

At the end of the episode, the ‘Ttuk’ team unfortunately finished in second place but received favorable reviews from netizens and the judges for leaving an all-time stage. Some comments from netizens said, “I thought they were going to get 1st place, but congratulations on getting 2nd place!”, “Legend!!!!”, “I didn’t know I could do their sword choreography, but it was so good”, “It was littttt!!!”, “No. 1 in my heart”, etc.

Ttukttak's Counterattack
Ttukttak's Counterattack
Ttukttak's Counterattack

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