BABYMONSTER’s final lineup lacks YG’s distinctive vibe, said netizens 

YG’s latest girl group, BABYMONSTER, is receiving mixed attention from netizens with their final lineup.

Recently, the lineup of YG’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, has been finalized with 7 members. However, netizens already have mixed opinions to say about the new girl group, with some even comparing them to previous YG girl groups, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK

BABYMONSTER will be YG’s next generation girl group, 7 years after BLACKPINK


It is known that all 7 members of BABYMONSTER will be debuting at a very young age, with a significant age gap between the eldest Ruka, who is 21 years old, and the youngest Chiquita, who is 13 years old. In addition, YG has not created any proper images for the girls through their pre-debut show, Last Evaluation. Instead, in most footage, BABYMONSTER members would appear in the practice room with little or no makeup, and without any intricate styling. 



However, since the audience have gotten used to this rather innocent and youthful image of BABYMONSTER, the girl group become less “swag” than their seniors, leading to claims that they are lacking the distinctive “YG vibe”. 

Some netizens also mentioned BLACKPINK, saying that all members, from Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, to Lisa, have stood out immensely before their debut – and said that BABYMONSTER is “falling behind”.

BLACKPINK stood out immensely even before their debut

Below are some comments of Korean netizens about BABYMONSTER:

  • BABYMONSTER doesn’t have that “YG vibe”, especially emanating from YG’s trainees. When seeing Park Bom, Jennie, you’d say “Wow, it’s over”. When looking at Jisoo’s visual, you’d think “This is high class”, but honestly, the new girl group doesn’t give that feeling.
  • Ahyeon is very talented, her face is also attractive, but the other members… They look like trainees from other companies, not YG. Even if we don’t talk about their faces, these girls don’t exude a “YG vibe”
  • BABYMONSTER are very talented, but so far I’m not spotting anyone with an “IT girl aura” like Jennie or a “top-class” visual like Jisoo
  • BLACKPINK was full of swag since pre-debut, but I’m not seeing that with BABYMONSTER
  • Let the girls mature a bit more and I think their star quality will start to show! They just need to find a right style
  • The comments are so negative when BABYMONSTER hasn’t even debuted yet…

Source: Pann

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