Showing intense acting as “The Glory” Park Yeon Jin, Shin Ye Eun’s lovely and bright image in recent drama seems less appealing 

Shin Ye Eun’s performance in “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” failed to captivate viewers. Is it because her acting in “The Glory” was too impressive?

As the heat of Netflix’s “The Glory” cooled down, the hype over Shin Ye Eun, who played the childhood of villain character Yeon Jin, also dampened. Introduced as Shin Ye Eun’s next project shortly after she rose to stardom with the popularity of “The Glory”, “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is about to come to an end without attracting much attention. Unlike her evil image as Yeon Jin, the actress showed her lovely and bright aspect through the new drama but failed to continue the success of her previous work.


The last episode of “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”, starring Shin Ye Eun, will air on the evening of May 16th. This drama tells the story that happens when Yoon Dan Oh (Shin Ye Eun), the owner of a guesthouse called ‘Ihwawon Inn’, breaks stereotypes and meets three boarders with secrets. Yoon Dan Oh, who has to pay back her father’s debt, discovers that Jang Tae Hwa (Oh Man Seok), the owner of the debt, is looking for Lee Seol, a descendant of the Lee Family. Later, she finds out the fact that boarder Kang San (Ryeo Un) is Lee Seol.

Despite various forces threatening the life of Lee Seol, the two develop feelings for each other. In the previous episode, another boarder Jung Yu Ha (Jung Gun Joo) was mistaken for Lee Seol by Jang Tae Hwa and was arrested by the imperial guards. Kang San planned to get the royal decree. Yoon Dan Oh disguised herself and joined the rebellion to receive the decree.

Shin Ye Eun aroused public interest after portraying the school violence perpetrator Park Yeon Jin in her school days in Netflix’s “The Glory”. She said, “The fact that all of my characters are multidimensional and lively. Also, I thought Yoon Dan Oh would be loved by many people. I participated in this project with the mindset, ‘Let’s receive love once’.” She added, “Among the characters I have done so far, Yoon Dan Oh resembles me the most. She is so lovely that I don’t even know if I want to resemble her”, showing her confidence. Following her vicious performance in “The Glory”, Shin Ye Eun tried to present a new aspect of herself with a cute character. 

Although Shin Ye Eun succeeded in showcasing her lovable and lively side, she didn’t achieve any more significant results. In the predictable plot of the historical romance, the actress didn’t shine as brightly as she did in “The Glory” or have a chance to show complicated acting skills. However, Shin Ye Eun naturally portrayed the determined and independent image of a young noble lady, who runs a boarding house to repay her father’s debt.

During the first week of “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” airing, Shin Ye Eun ranked No.3 in the popularity chart for drama cast and No.6 in the chart for TV-OTT content cast thanks to the great influence of “The Glory”. However, she dropped to No.10 after 4 weeks and then out of chart later on. 


“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is Shin Ye Eun’s first historical drama. At the press conference before the release of the drama, she shared, “I hesitated a lot about challenging a historical drama. I believed that it’s right to take on challenges and gain experience. However, I found this project interesting, and I thought there would be nothing I couldn’t do when working with this director and these senior actors who are very experienced in historical dramas. I believed that I would learn a lot from this work. I have firmly built the basic skills for my historical drama acting. If there were difficult parts in saying the lines with historical terms, I tried to translate them into the modern language to remember them. I also received a lot of help from senior actors on the set”.

Her positive mindset in acting was impressive, but the actual performance of her drama was quite regrettable. Since there are still many opportunities for this young actress to showcase her talent, viewers are raising expectations for her next projects.

Source: Daum

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