Controversy Surrounds Hwasa’s University Festival Performance: Confident or Crossing the Line? 

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is causing a stir with her recent university festival performance, sparking controversy over appropriateness.

On May 12th, Hwasa performed at Sungkyunkwan University Festival, delivering stages with MAMAMOO’s hit songs and “Don’t Give” in collaboration with Loco.


During the performance, Hwasa licked her fingers and touched a specific sensitive body part. After the video of this moment was posted online, conflicting opinions surfaced.

The main argument is that Hwasa’s performance crossed the line. Despite it being a university festival open to all ages, Hwasa’s performance was deemed inappropriate for such an open space, and some even considered it lewd beyond being sexy.

Notably, this stage was part of the filming for tvN’s variety show “Dancing Queens on the Road.”


Hwasa has been loved for her confident charm, often displaying her so-called “girl crush” appeal. However, she has also faced controversies in the past due to provocative outfits and performances.

In the past, Hwasa expressed her belief on MBC’s “Radio Star,” saying, “I don’t think I’m excessive in general. I consider it as part of the stage and prepare accordingly, but people around me help control it by saying, ‘This seems excessive.’ I’d rather not wear something if it’s ambiguously on the line.” 

Thinking about how to dress and perform on stage to look the coolest, Hwasa’s belief is one aspect of an artist’s effort to bring a great stage. However, it is also true that there should be clear boundaries.


The performance Hwasa showed that day differs from her confident sexiness. It is not synonymous with presenting a provocative image as a representation of a “cool woman.”

In fact, Hwasa delivered an energetic and impressive performance at the festival that day. The audience was enthralled by her attractive vocals, solid live performance, and stage presence that captivated the scene.

It was possible to ignite the atmosphere without excessive performances. However, due to Hwasa’s more daring performance, the response to her stage concluded with the criticism of being “obscene.” It is a misunderstanding where no one can be entirely blamed.

Source: Nate

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