Former WINNER Nam Tae Hyun addicted to scandals? Drunk-driving added to the list 

Nam Tae Hyun is once again embroiled in controversy, this time for drunk driving, raising suspicions of being “addicted” to controversy. 

On March 8th, SBS reported that at around 3:20 am (KST) of the same day, Nam Tae Hyun parked his car on the side of a road in Gangnam, Seoul, opened the door, bumped into a taxi passing by, and drove about 20 meters after that.

nam tae hyun

According to reports, the right mirror of the taxi was damaged in the accident. A breathalyzer test conducted at the scene also revealed that the blood alcohol level of Nam Tae Hyun was 0.114%, which is at the license revocation level.

The police have charged Nam Tae Hyun for violating the Road Traffic Act and are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident.

Regarding this, an official from Nam Tae Hyun’s agency told media outlet, “We have not heard anything about Nam Tae Hyun’s drunk driving incident. It’s something we have no idea about and have to check with him first. After confirmation with our artist, we will issue an official statement.”

nam tae hyun

Since his debut, Nam Tae Hyun has attracted public attention due to frequent rumors and controversies. The range of his controversies were extremely diverse, spanning from being rude towards fans, suggesting excessive choices such as drug use, to suspicions of drug use and now, drunk driving.

After each scandal, he escapes the crisis with vague apologies and explanations, but he never fails to disappoint the public with new controversies. It was to the point that fans of his former group, WINNER, were glad about Nam Tae Hyun’s departure. 

Nam Tae-hyun

It is unknown what the official position from Nam Tae Hyun’s agency will state, but since he was arrested for drunk driving, a police investigation is inevitable.

Netizens are now questioning if Nam Tae Hyun will be able to break his “controversy addiction”. 

Source: Daum

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