Former YG trainee who shared a dorm with BLACKPINK talked about Jisoo

The recent status of former YG Entertainment trainee Heo Yoo Jung has been revealed.

Recently, a video titled “Surprising recent status of former trainee who shared a dorm with BLACKPINK” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Recent Status Olympics”.

Heo Yoo Jung, who was a trainee at YG Entertainment before girl group BLACKPINK’s debut, said, “I lived in the same dorm with the members, and they were all so nice. I took lessons with Jisoo. Looking at her recently released album, her face is the same, but her skills have improved a lot. She was originally pretty. I’m glad she’s doing well.


She recalled, “I also went to New York to learn dancing while being a trainee. Lisa is the best dancer I’ve ever seen. Lisa cooked for me at the dorm when she came back from Thailand. All the members are pretty and kind. I’m always rooting for them in my heart.”

Heo Yoo Jung was a trainee at YG Entertainment for a long time, but unfortunately, she did not make it to the final debut lineup. She later debuted with girl group Bob Girls in 2014, but disbanded after 8 months.

It was not easy to make a re-debut after disbanding. Heo Yoo Jung entered university at the age of 27 at her mother’s suggestion and graduated early with top honors.

Heo Yoo Jung surprised everyone by saying, “The top 2% were given teaching positions, so I went to teaching practice and obtained a level-2 secondary teaching certificate. Now, I’m majoring in content management at Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School of Culture and Arts Management. I’m studying ways to improve the trainee environment. I’m well aware of the problem because I was a trainee for a long time.


Heo Yoo Jung, who is also working as an exhibition planner, confessed, “There are many things I want to do related to exhibitions, so I’m continuing to study. I happened to have an opportunity to be named as a co-planner in the promotion exhibition for Taeyeon’s 3rd album. I set up a company called Souju Company and am acting as a director. I hope everyone lives in a warm world.”

Source: Wikitree

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