Fans call out SM on discrimination against female idols + demand a rescheduled concert for Red Velvet 

Red Velvet’s fans express their frustration at SM over the group’s concert. 

Earlier this year, SM Entertainment announced that Red Velvet would hold a special concert “2022 The ReVe Festival: Prologue” on March 19 and 20. The concert was supposed to be held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.  However, because 3 members tested positive for COVID-19, the concert was postponed indefinitely.

From March until now, SM has not shown any effort to reschedule Red Velvet’s concert and kept making fans wait. 

red velvet concert

On August 10, fans’ anger was fueled even more when SM announced a new venue for the concert of NCT DREAM, Red Velvet’s junior labelmate, after the boy group’s original show was canceled last month. On the same day, fans started trending the hashtags #SM discrimination against female idols and #SM give back Red Velvet concert to express their frustration and demand feedback from the company. 

Fans also pointed out that SM has repeatedly treated Red Velvet unfairly. Some of the evidence that fans mentioned are: Red Velvet has been active for 8 years but only has 2 full albums, lack of promotions both domestically and overseas, lack of activities on SNS, no special content or live broadcast on their 8th debut anniversary. 

red velvet outfit

Red Velvet members also mentioned their wish to hold a concert, but are currently unable to rent a venue. This sparks a controversy over SM’s blatant discrimination against female idols. Fans wonder why SM could quickly reschedule a boy group’s concert yet ignore Red Velvet. 

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