Unconventional Approach: How “Doctor Cha” Deals with Extramarital Affair 

“Doctor Cha” breaks the cliché of infidelity dramas by handling the subject uniquely. 

JTBC drama “Doctor Cha” is gaining momentum. It started with 4.9% ratings and has already entered double digits. Despite the controversy over depicting Crohn’s disease and the production team’s apology, the drama has maintained its upward trend. Episode 10, which aired on May 14th, achieved a peak rating of 18%.


“Doctor Cha” is a work that showcases another expansion of medical drama. The main character is Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa), a woman who graduated from medical school but has been a housewife for over 20 years. 

The story warmly and humorously unfolds as she challenges her dream of becoming a doctor late in life. The process of gradually discovering the shocking truth that her seemingly perfect husband, a respected professor at a university hospital, had been having an affair and even had a child out of wedlock is excitingly depicted. The focus is not on the ‘doctor’ but on the ‘human’ Cha Jung Sook and her ‘growth’.

The way “Doctor Cha” deals with infidelity is a key point that prevents the drama from becoming a cliché infidelity story disguised as a medical drama. 


From the beginning, the blatant affair between Cha Jung Sook’s husband Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) and his old classmate Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin) is set as the background. As resident doctor Cha Jung Sook enters the hospital, the drama resets her seemingly flawless life.

The characters of “Doctor Cha” deal with infidelity by speaking and acting with their own sense and reasons. This is also a reason why viewers who watch the drama from the perspective of a third person can find it enjoyable despite the excessive elements of a sensational infidelity story.

Even the decision of the family not to inform Cha Jung Sook about the affair that everyone knows is understandable when considering the fact that they are thinking about her, who is struggling in her residency.

However, no one pretends to be unaware. The high school daughter (Lee Seo Yeon) stands up firmly against her unfaithful father and grabs the brazen child of the mistress by the hair. The son (Song Ji Ho) expresses disgust at his father’s affair and demands him to make a decision.

Even her mother-in-law (Park Joon Geum), who opposed the transplantation of her healthy son’s liver to her sick daughter-in-law, does not accept the love affair although he is her son. In the episode aired on the 14th, she spitted harsh words, such as “Are you even human? I gave birth to such a beast. How can I enjoy my meals after watching my son having an affair with a woman in the same hospital with your wife?”.


In Cha Jung Sook’s world, common sense still exists, so viewers can still look forward to the next chapter of this affair drama that will unfold like a box of biscuits. She won’t just sit back and endure it.

Among people who dislike the affair, there is one person who stands out, and that is the handsome doctor Roy Kim, who gets into the world of the “good person” Cha Jung Sook and flirts with a married woman. However, let’s consider him as a fantasy for Cha Jung Sook, who has lived a diligent life.

Since “Doctor Cha” has come half the way, fans are curious about what kind of ending the drama is preparing to unveil after airing the remaining six episodes. Many people are eagerly anticipating the ending of this medical affair drama as Cha Jung Sook grows after confidently standing up and walking her own way.

Source: Daum

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