NCT’s Lucas suddenly gets dragged into the dating rumor of GOT7’s Jackson and (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi 

Before getting embroiled in the dating rumor with Jackson, Yuqi used to be shipped by fans with Lucas. 

On February 22, Chinese bloggers took social media by storm by sharing evidence and spreading the rumor that GOT7’s Jackson is dating Yuqi of (G)I-DLE. Based on a video taken by the paparazzi, Yuqi is believed to be leaving Jackson’s house while holding roses after the two enjoyed a date together in private. 

Amid the dating rumor of Jackson and Yuqi, some netizens suddenly brought up NCT’s Lucas, who is on a hiatus due to the cheating and gaslighting scandal. Netizens have reposted the messages shared by one of the ex-girlfriends who exposed Lucas last year.

Specifically, in a conversation between the two, Lucas’s ex-girlfriend said, if Lucas doesn’t like her, she will go after a Hong Kong male celebrity. Lucas responded, “It’s fine, his girlfriend is my friend. We filmed a game show together. We even went to get ear wax removed together.”

Lucas, Jackson and Yuqi all appeared in the game show Keep Running.
Lucas, Jackson and Yuqi all appeared in the game show Keep Running.

Although no specific name was mentioned, netizens suspect the Hong Kong male artist in question is Jackson. Lucas and Yuqi were both fixed members of Keep Running, and Jackson once made a guest appearance on the show.

In the past, Lucas and Yuqi used to have many shippers because of their cute chemistry whenever they were next to each other. Therefore, fans now realize that perhaps Lucas and Yuqi never dated, because Lucas could be the matchmaker for Jackson and Yuqi. Regarding the dating rumor of Jackson and Yuqi, both idols have not issued a response. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Jackson and Yuqi make a beautiful couple, I’ll support them if they’re actually dating 
  • I always knew Lucas and Yuqi were not an item, they give off sibling energy on Running Man 
  • So was it Lucas who introduced Yuqi to Jackson? 
  • Jackson is a sweet guy. Anyone would be lucky to be his girlfriend.
  • There is a possibility that Jackson and Yuqi have been dating since 2020, so it has been almost 2 years. God, I can’t believe I used to ship Lucas and Yuqi when the couple I’m supposed to ship was right there. 
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