The reason why BlackPink Rosé is showing her alarmingly skinny look more often

Many netizens often leave negative comments on her overly skinny appearance and advise BLACKPINK’s Rosé to eat more to gain weight.

As a member of the popular group BLACKPINK, Rosé always maintains a radiant look when appearing in public. However, over the years, many netizens have continuously discussed Rosé’s overly skinny body. There are photos where the female idol looks so thin that makes people feel worried for her health. This is the reason why Rosé has constantly received mixed opinions, saying that she lost too much weight.

BlackPink Rose

Known as a member with a skinny body, Rosé always takes care of her appearance.  However, recently, the female idol has increasingly revealed a significant weight loss.  When standing next to other members, Rosé caused surprise with her long and extremely skinny legs.


Many of the photos she posted also show that her arms, waist and other parts of her body are all too bony. Seeing this situation of Rosé, many netizens have criticized and claimed that the female idol does not look pretty with such a fragile figure.

BlackPink Rose

Some netizens also speculate that Rosé is trying to lose too much weight, or because she wants to be prettier despite her health. BLACKPINK’s main vocal has faced many negative comments like: “It’s not pretty to be overly skinny”, “She’s too thin that she lacks vitality…”

Rosé’s surprising look at the Met Gala!

Netizens often use Rosé’s thin figure to criticize her, especially during her appearance at Paris Fashion Week. In a double strap sheer mini dress, Rosé’s body can be seen. Many malicious comments claim that YSL’s Global Ambassador did not look good in the design of the luxury designer brand.

BlackPink Rose

Rosé also used to receive many messages from fans about how she should gain some weight. This even happened often in the female idol’s live broadcasts.  Because these comments kept appearing, Rosé openly expressed to fans about her physique.

When a fan asked Rosé how to stay in shape, she opened up: “I’m not on a diet. Instead I’m trying to gain weight. Because everyone’s body is different, you guys know that too. Anyway…that’s it.”

BlackPink Rose

The sincere sharing of Rose makes viewers feel moved. Many people are extremely sympathetic to her condition, because they think that gaining weight is many times more difficult than losing weight. Immediately after, netizens continuously shared Rosé’s clip, they also left their thoughts on this with some typical comments are as follows:

  • I want to cry when I hear her talk!
  • People are trying to lose weight, and Rosé is trying to gain weight.
  • I’m also quite annoyed when so many people say that Rosé is too sick.
  • Actually, criticizing someone for being thin or fat will hurt them too!
  • I don’t blame her, because she looks so thin, I want to remind her to eat more.

If other idols always strive to lose weight during their activities, Rosé is the complete opposite. She always tries to eat healthy according to the right diet to have a healthy body. However, due to a thin body and a tight schedule of activities, it is difficult for her to gain the weight that she desired.

But not everyone understands this. Criticizing others for being thin is also an act of hurting the other person.  Therefore, fans hope that netizens will not be so strict with Rosé.

It turns out that Rosé herself wants to gain weight just like everyone else. 
It turns out that Rosé herself wants to gain weight just like everyone else.  (Photo: Pinterest)

Although not following a diet, in order to have a harmonious figure, Rosé always maintains physical exercise. She loves to learn boxing and pilates. The female idol always advises fans not to affect their health because of weight loss. Moreover, with the current physique, the main vocal of BLACKPINK is still doing well in building her image and developing in the fashion field.

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