Music editor to Circle Chart: “BLACKPINK is on a different level… no one can defeat them”

An editor of the Korean Music Content Association (KOMCA) says that BLACKPINK has no rival as of the moment. 

Recently, Circle Chart (previously known as Gaon Chart), which compiles digital and physical sales data of Kpop artists, released its global report about female artist comeback from July to August of 2022. 


Regarding this report, an editor from the Korean Music Content Association (KOMCA), put in their own two cents, and hailed BLACKPINK as undefeatable. 

In particular, the editor said, BLACKPINK is on a different level. And I’m sorry to say this, but at the moment, no one can defeat BLACKPINK.”

“For starters, all the female Kpop artists who released new songs in July and August can’t beat the number of daily streams of BLACKPINK, even when combined. Sure, BLACKPINK is not topping Korea digital charts or our Circle chart, but Korea is just one out of over a hundred nations that search for the key word BLACKPINK. To put it simply, in terms of global traffic, BLACKPINK is showing the best performance”, he said. 


The editor also added, “BLACKPINK songs do well in general, and their stats seem impossible to other groups. Even songs that don’t do that well receive over 5 million sales. Other groups are already celebrating for surpassing 2 million streams, while BLACKPINK is enjoying stats of over 5 million even in ‘decline’.”

Then, he affirmed the unrivaled position of BLACKPINK in the music realm, saying, “If you have been watching the Circle Chart, you’d know that Lisa’s solo songs are still in the chart. BLACKPINK songs just stay there – and other Kpop girl groups simply have no chance of catching up with such global recognition. In fact, boy groups find it difficult to surpass BLACKPINK as well, they are just up there, while others linger at a lower register. In a sense, thanks to BLACKPINK, other Kpop artists can elevate their popularity and travel around the world.”


“BLACKPINK experience a popularity not only admirable within the realm of Kpop, but also when compared to other artists from around the world”, the editor concluded. 

Source: facebook

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