IU gifted luxury bags to all 5 members of ITZY, according to Yeji

Yeji, a member of girl group ITZY, revealed the special gift she received from IU in a recently interview.

On March 29th, a video titled “ITZY Yeji’s Precious Bag Received from Senior IU! What’s Inside?”, was released on the YouTube channel W KOREA.


In the video, Yeji began by introducing her bag, saying, “I filled the bag with my favorite items. The bag itself is one of my favorite items.” 

According to Yeji, she was invited as a guest to IU’s concert, and as a thank you for coming, IU bought matching bags for all members of ITZY. 

“Since it’s a cherished item, I couldn’t bring myself to use it often”, Yeji also added.


Afterwards, the ITZY member introduced her favorite items from the bag, such as lip balm, wireless earphones, perfume, and charging cables. She also said in conclusion, “I’ve introduced my actual favorite items. I hope this was helpful information.”

Meanwhile, ITZY, which Yeji is a part of, debuted in 2019 and received love for their songs “DALLA DALLA”, “ICY”, “Wannabe”, and “Mafia in the Morning”, among many others. 

Source: Nate

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