Rain at the Center of Criticism After the Departure of 4 Ciipher Members: What Went Wrong? 

Amidst the departure of 4 members essentially leading to Ciipher’s disbandment, fans are blaming Rain. 

On August 9th, Rain Company announced through Ciipher’s official fancafe that members Tan, Tag, Dohwan, and Won would officially leave the group.

With four members suddenly leaving at the same time, the remaining Ciipher members, Hyunbin, Hwi, and Keita plan to continue with individual activities and later reorganize into a new team.


This is essentially the process of a disbandment. Ciipher debuted in 2021 as a boy group produced by Rain’s own entertainment agency, Rain Company. As an idol group produced by a successful singer, there were high expectations for Ciipher. Rain also spared no effort in providing full investment and support for Ciipher. 

Rain’s wife, top actress Kim Taehee appeared in Ciipher’s debut MV. Rain emphasized that he was risking his life for Ciipher and declared his determination to be the “Park Jinyoung for Ciipher,” just as Park Jinyoung had supported him to become who he is today.

Rain’s affection for Ciipher went beyond that of a mere producer. He said, “For the seven members, I will continue to work hard as a mentor and an older brother.” 

Their relationship was more than just producer and agency CEO. They shared a close bond like real brothers. Ciipher also wholeheartedly trusted Rain, who was both a producer and a warm older brother figure to them.

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However, Ciipher couldn’t succeed. Amidst this, reports emerged that Rain, not as the CEO of Rain Company but as a producer, was stepping back and handing over the management of Ciipher to another agency. 

Although Rain Company denied these rumors as baseless and tried to manage the controversy, the mere existence of such claims hurt the fans.

Eventually, Ciipher has begun the process of disbandment. Rain likely had no other option. However, fans criticized him for four Ciipher members’ recent departures. 

This criticism was evident during the 2023 KCON LA, where Rain performed. Fans turned off their lightsticks and remained silent when Rain was performing.

However, the so-called “black ocean” turned out not to be a complete boycott. It was difficult to categorize it as a boycott, as there were still audience members singing along to Rain’s songs and waving their lightsticks. Rain said at the end of his performance, “Thank you so much, LA. It was an unforgettable time. Thank you for singing along with me. Please look forward to my upcoming concert.

Source: Nate

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