Han So Hee reveals her favorite lip color, taste in travel, and more

Han So Hee answered various questions at the photoshoot for ‘W KOREA’ in London.

On January 2nd, on the ‘W KOREA’ YouTube channel, a video featuring Han So Hee was posted. In the video, Han So Hee was having a photoshoot at a mansion in London. She introduced the filming site, saying, “This is the first time I came to London in my life.” On the set, there were only cheers saying that she looked so pretty, and Han So Hee drew attention by posing 100% at the request of the photographer.

During the camera test, when Han So Hee looked out of the window and got an enthusiastic reaction from the staff, she became shy, but posed professionally as soon as she entered the shoot, and received an okay at once.

Han So-hee

When asked about her usual travel style, Han So Hee said, “It’s impromptu. There’s no plan. I just decide the date, place, and meal depending on my mood. I’m definitely a tourist, but I don’t go out of the hotel often. I enjoy a staycation.” 

Han So Hee, who always eats ramen when she gets on a plane, said, “Once I get on the plane, I say, ‘I don’t need in-flight meals, just give me ramen,’ and fall asleep right away. Bluetooth earphones are a must. After a long flight, I get dry, so I remove all my makeup and apply cream.” 

Han So-hee

Then, to the makeup question, “I like my makeup right now the best. I can wear it daily and my lips are a dried rose color. It’s a color I usually use. This is the most comfortable and pretty color. I think it suits me best. If I only have to make up one spot, it’s lips. It’s impossible without lips.”

Lastly, Han So Hee said, “I want to walk the streets of London at night when filming is over. It’s the end of the year in London, so it is decorated very fancy and pretty, but I only saw it through the hotel window. Even if it’s a little cold, I think when walking the streets at night, you can feel the London night.”

Source: Nate.

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