Director Shin Won Ho of the “Reply” series finally hinted about “Reply 2002”

Director Shin Won Ho revealed his plan for his next work in the “Reply” series, which is rumored to be “Reply 2002”.

On Dec 30th, 2022, the YouTube channel “Sieon’s School” run by actor Lee Si Eon released a video titled “Reply 1997 Alumni Association Part 2! Director Shin Won Ho’s No-filter Behind Story.”

The video showed director Shin Won Ho, who directed tvN’s “Reply 1997,” and actors Seo In Guk, Lee Si Eon, Lee Ho Won, and Eun Ji Won, who starred in the drama, talking about various stories.

On this day, Eun Ji Won asked director Shin Won Ho, “Do you have any thoughts on continuing the ‘Reply’ series?”

Director Shin Won Ho responsed, “It’s something I really want to talk about, but in reality, it’s not easy for me. I still have PTSD. While filming modern dramas such as ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Hospital Playlist’, I was surprised to see the ceiling air conditioner above my head. The ‘Reply’ series should not show any air conditioning,” he said.

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When Lee Si Eon expressed his expectations for “Reply 2002,” director Shin Won Ho confessed, “In fact, 2002 is the hardest year to do. It’s hard to sove the copyright problems due to the World Cup.”

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Director Shin Won Ho said, “The first episode of ‘Reply 1998’ featured the Olympics in Seoul, and I solved the copyright by calling the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s not permanent, but the contract period is about a year and a half or two years. I paid but didn’t renew the contract. All the related scenes have been blotted out of the rerun versions,” he said, surprising fans of the series.

He added, “Power of the ‘Reply’ series lies in the props, cultural products such as songs, movies, and dramas. It will be a huge masterpiece if all the copyrights and portrait rights are solved.”

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Also, when asked which work he feels the most affection for, director Shin Won Ho said, “I feel so cringy because I see so many immature parts in my past directing and editing, but I was most excited while doing ‘Reply’.” He added, “‘Reply 1997’ is like my first love. It was the most fun to do,” he said, expressing his affection.

Source: Insight

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