Monsta X celebrates their 7th debut anniversary with fans, “All the time we spent with Monbebes, we couldn’t feel happier than that”

“Master of performances” Monsta X had a special communication time with fans on May 14th to celebrate their 7th debut anniversary.

Monsta X celebrated their 7th debut anniversary by holding a live broadcast for one hour on Naver V LIVE from 11 p.m on the 13th until 12 on the 14th.

On the broadcast, Monsta X appeared with their signature greeting in the enthusiastic cheers from Monbebes (Monsta X’s fandom name). Recently wrapping up their promotional activities for “Shape of Love”, Monsta X thanked fans and recalled the time when they topped the chart with “LOVE”.

Monsta X

The members continued to communicate with fans by revealing various behind-the-scenes stories at their fancon ‘2022 MONSTA X FAN-CON MX AGENT’, which was recently held, goods and hairstyles, etc. 

Monsta X

In addition, Monsta X held the “I’m curious about Monsta X” section, in which the members examined their past interviews, nicknames, and matched each other’s preferences. They also answered various questions from fans sincerely. Monsta X prepared the cake by themselves, lit up the candles, and celebrated their debut anniversary together with fans. They also conducted a capture time to commemorate such a great moment of their special day. 

Monsta X

Lastly, Monsta X said, “The 7th anniversary is something that used to be so far away that we didn’t even know when it would come. But we can now really experience the feeling of our 7th anniversary”, adding, “All the time we spent with Monbebes, we couldn’t feel happier than that”. They added, “Since we are already feeling the energy that Monbebes give us, we will do our best with the upcoming overseas tour”.

Monsta X

For the past 7 years, Monsta X and Monbebes have been running together through ups and downs. Although Monsta X has been working with a five-member formation since leader Shownu enlisted in the military in July last year, the group and Monbees are still growing together step by step. The members have all been recognized as all-rounder artists in all fields, including music, broadcasting, drama and even movie with “MONSTA X: THE DREAMING”, Monsta X has been healing fans with their new challenges and activities. Monsta X has become an example of “ideal grown-up idols” and still continues to grow with the desire of creating more career high.

Monsta X

Even after the end of “Shape of Love” official activities, Monsta X has not stopped communicating with fans. The group recently left for Germany to attend the “K-POP Festival: KPOP. FLEX- Germany”. After finishing their schedule in Germany, Monsta X will hold their “2022 MONSTA X NO LIMIT U.S TOUR” in a total of nine cities, including Fairfax, Detroit, Chicago, Sunrise, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Phoenix and Los Angeles, starting with the show in New York on the 21st. 

Source: Daum

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