“Is this a Kdrama?” The level of kissing scenes in this daily series is raging 

A high-level kissing and best scene in a daily drama got viewers questioning if the series is really from Korea. 

Recently, on various online communities and SNS, an article titled “The level of kissing scene in daily drama these days” started to gain attention and explosive reaction from netizens. 

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Attached with the article is a video of a kissing scene from the MBC daily drama “Game of Witches“.

In particular, “Game of Witches”, which is introduced with the phrase “A desperate revenge, a bloody game begins”, captivated viewers with various provocative elements that’s prominent within daily dramas. 

the witch's game

For instance, there’s the love triangle between the main characters of the drama, including Jeong Hye-soo (Kim Gyu-seon), her husband Kang Ji-ho (Oh Chang-seok), and Kang Ji-ho’s affair, Joo Se-yeong (Han Ji-wan).

In an episode of “Game of Witches” that aired last week, a high-level bed scene between Joo Se-young and Kang Ji-ho appeared, surprising viewers.

In that scene, Kang Ji-ho and Joo Se-young showed a provocative  kissing scene that elicited intense emotions and “bedroom eyes”, making viewers unable to take their eyes off them.

Netizens who saw the passionate kiss scene expressed their surprise and commented, “Can you shoot a kissing scene like that and not get emotional?”, “A hot daily drama from 7pm”, “Is this a Korean drama?” etc., 

Meanwhile, “Game of Witches” airs every day at 7 PM (KST).

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